New building timber

Building timber is often made into corrugated wood of concrete formwork, which can play a certain role in strengthening the formwork.
However, due to the direct exposure to the wind and sun, this kind of wood will deform and reduce the strength after several times, which will consume a lot of wood, resulting in a waste of resources.


According to these shortcomings exposed by the traditional building timber, after several years of analysis, research and introduction of advanced technology at home and abroad, our company has developed a new type of composite building timber, which has the following characteristics:
1. Good quality
The new vertical wood core of building timber square is covered with polymer anhydrous fiber layer on the surface, with high toughness, no warpage, no fracture, no delamination, waterproof and anti-corrosion.
2. Lower use cost
Higher turnover times and longer service life.
3. Save material
Natural green building composite wood cube has high strength and large formwork spacing, saving more than 20% of materials than traditional wood cube.
4. Ultra high strength
The static bending strength is as high as 90-95mpa, far exceeding the market average.
5. Dimension standard
CNC machine tool precision machining, high dimensional accuracy, no pressing.
6. Easy to use, customizable
It can be sawn or nailed, and can be customized to any size according to needs.




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