After three years of unremitting efforts, natural green construction has developed equipment and updated technology

Since 2019, Shandong natural green construction has continued to increase investment in the field of composite wood cube, R & D, production, improve process, apply for patents, and repeatedly upgrade products through user feedback. At present, it has become one of the few domestic composite wood cube production enterprises that can be mass produced.

Natural green building high turnover composite wood cube is a kind of environmental protection wood cube. It adopts vertical structure board core, and a layer of polymer anhydrous fiber skin is attached to the surface to wrap the composite wood strip. It has strong toughness, no delamination, no fracture, corrosion resistance and flame retardant; 48 * 48 standard composite wood square is made by recycling technology, and the length can be customized according to needs.

Natural green building high turnover composite wood cube is the substitute of traditional building wood cube and the optimization of other formwork support rods. It can not only avoid the material waste and environmental pollution of traditional wood cube, but also save the use cost and improve the project quality.

Natural green construction company will also successively develop new patented technologies conducive to on-site construction to provide gospel for the majority of users.

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