The construction industry may have important adjustments in the future. How can the operation and management of construction enterprises break the situation?

Affected by the global epidemic, global economic slowdown, Sino US trade relations and other factors, the construction industry, as one of the pillar industries of the national economy, has been impacted to some extent, but to some extent, the epidemic also drives it to face greater change and development. All relevant departments have continuously launched new policies and measures in the fields of new infrastructure, EPC and qualification reform, which not only guide the industry to meet the challenges and rapid transformation, but also may mean that the construction market pattern and interests will be redistributed. A new wave of transformation has come.

In this general trend of change, how should enterprises seize opportunities and transform and develop? Many leaders and authoritative experts in the construction industry were invited to the summit. Today, we will give you a spoiler in advance from three aspects: the trend of real estate market policies, the analysis of scientific project management methods of construction enterprises, the breakthrough of construction enterprises' difficulties and the success of operation.

What are the future opportunities and challenges of the real estate market?

Although China's economic development has entered a relatively stable stage in 2020, the downward pressure on the economy is still not small. Driven by the strong upstream and downstream industrial chain of housing demand, the real estate industry will still develop with a market sales scale of 13-15 trillion a year in the medium and short term. In 2020, the real estate industry will still play an important cornerstone role in China's economic growth.

As one of the core components of China's construction field, real estate construction is a field concerned by every construction enterprise. In such a market situation:

Where will the real estate market and policy trend go?

What do you think of the real estate market?

What about the regulation of the real estate market?

Where are the future opportunities and challenges of the real estate market?

The 2020 China Construction Industry Transformation and development summit forum invited Ms. Qin Hong, former director of the policy research center of the Ministry of housing and urban rural development and director of the urban renewal research center of the National Development Institute of Renmin University of China, to interpret the development trend, policy trend, regulation strategy and future opportunities and challenges of China's real estate market, Enable the transformation and development of construction enterprises in the field of housing construction.

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