Shandong natural green construction Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2019. The company is located at No. 1897, Xinhua Avenue, Zhoucun District, Zibo City, Shandong Province. With superior geographical location and convenient transportation, it is an important transportation place for domestic and foreign trade. Through honest and trustworthy operation and strict management, Shandong natural green construction has developed into a collection of design, production, processing Leasing and other businesses as one of the new construction wood enterprises, and initially formed a scale.

Shandong natural green construction's single composite wood cube production line can reach the annual production capacity of 600000 meters of formwork support rod (composite wood cube). The company continues to increase production equipment. It plans to officially put into operation 11 composite wood cube production lines before the end of the year, with a total annual output of 30 million meters of construction wood cube.

The company has applied for a number of patents for inventions and utility models, and plans to apply for national high-tech enterprise certification. Natural green construction cooperates with universities to carry out R & D innovation. Advanced technology, practicability and stability of product technology have reached the advanced level of the industry.

At present, Lvjian has provided services to many customers, such as xinfankang Sijia project of West China 15th construction company, China Construction Fourth bureau project of Jiaxing Shimao, Jianyang new airport of Sichuan Tianfu new area and Zhangjiagang Shimao project, and has made remarkable achievements in the supply of building materials for green building projects. The company's existing equipment and related technical products are widely used in various engineering, project and other construction engineering fields.

Green building formwork support rod (composite wood) can customize the production size standard according to your needs, reduce cutting waste and deforestation on the construction site, add more green to the earth and contribute to environmental protection.